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5.24 Hengdian Film & Television City, Yiwu Small Shopping Center 3-day tour from 499

Release time: 2015/5/13 11:45:23 Visitors: 33512
Hengdian Film and Television City · Yiwu Automobile Three Days Tour [Itinerary]
D1: Meet up in all areas of Sanming, set off at the designated time to "China Hollywood" Hengdian Film and Television City, and visit the large-scale night film and television theme park [Dream Valley] at your own expense (must add attractions, listed price 280 yuan / person, senior citizen discount price 150 yuan / person). Admire the charming Jiangnan water village at night, revel in the charm of Jiangnan, enter the dream culture village and enjoy a large playground: the largest ferris wheel in central Zhejiang, big horns, cheerful frog jumping, earth-shaking, rock formations, pirate waves, lucky Recreational items such as carousel and Yamada Express. Feel the latest "Birds Come" by the fairy tale children's dream factory, experience the first domestic disaster reality interpretation "Storm Rainstorm", feel the shock, and participate in the large-scale carnival water festival / Dong bonfire carnival. Check into the hotel after watching the world's largest live volcano "Fantasy Tai Chi".
(Without meals, live in Hengdian)
D2: After breakfast, visit the [Ming and Qing Palace Garden] scenic area with the original appearance of the Forbidden City and Hengdian. Watch a large-scale film and television show revealing the interactive scene show "Forbidden Grand Ceremony", or the large-scale royal horse show "Baqi Horse War". Visit [Guangzhou Street • Hong Kong Street] where the "Opium War" was filmed, watch the large-scale film and television stunt water war show "Raging the Sea of the Fury", or enjoy the large-scale film and television special effect comedy "Dahua Feihong" of the southern Fujian customs and witty wedding! After lunch, visit the “Qingming Shanghetu”, which is known as “walking into the painting once, as if dreaming back to the millennium”. It was built according to the Northern Song artist Zhang Zeduan ’s “Qingming Shanghetu”. Watergate, the beautiful Embroidery Pavilion showcases the luxurious Song Dynasty Kyoto culture and the bustling city culture! Enjoy the large-scale ancient color drama sitcom "Yangliang Yimeng" strolling through the bustling city of Jingjing or enjoy the funny and humorous "Laughing Sky Gate". Later, visit Hengdian [Ming and Qing Residences Expo City], enjoy the Chinese classical love opera "Jin Fan Lian Ge" or the Jin Fan platform "Qin Huai Ba Yan".
(Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Live in Hengdian)
D3: After breakfast, you can choose to visit the self-care attractions: the birthplace of the famous movies such as "Hero", "Wuji" and "Kung Fu King" [Qin Palace] (own expense, listed price 140 yuan / person). Feel the dreamy experience brought by 4D high-tech "Dragon Emperor". The majestic and magnificent main palace "Four Seas and One Palace" showed majestic grandeur under the dominion of Qin Shihuang. Later in the season, Hualian Supermarket is free to buy local products. After lunch, go to Yiwu [International Commodity Trade City], which is the largest in the country, and spend about 1.5 hours freely to end the pleasant trip to Yiwu.
(Breakfast and lunch)
【Service standards】
◆ Tickets: Tickets for attractions included in the itinerary (excluding self-care attractions, if guests leave the group during the journey, activities alone, the cost of participating in the tour will not be refunded).
◆ Meal: Including 3 breakfasts and 2 breakfasts (8 yuan / person for breakfast, 8 soups and 2 soups / table for dinner, and no refunds for group meals).
◆ Accommodation: Standard Double Room of Express Hotel. (In the case of a single person, the tour guide has the right to arrange a triple room or a flat sharing, and can not arrange to make up for the difference of 150 yuan per person for two nights)
◆ Transportation: Round-trip air-conditioned coaches, and vehicle models are allocated according to the number of people.
◆ Service: Excellent tour guide service.
◆ Insurance: Travel accident insurance is provided (need to provide ID card one day in advance). Itinerary includes travel agency liability insurance.
1. Children over 13 years old are charged as adults. Above 1.2 meters, please bring your household registration book or ID card to enjoy the child price.
Children: Children under 13 years of age are required to bring a household registration book, excluding beds, occupying parking spaces, including meals, 150 yuan / person above 1.2 meters at their own expense.
2. The group is a group of individual visitors, please take the seat! Some tourists may board the bus in Yong'an, Sanming, Shaxian, Jiangle, Taining, Nanping, etc. Please check in seat, please cooperate! There are many unstable factors for individual travel groups. Scenic spots and performing arts programs can be adjusted according to actual time. The driving time and tour time marked on the itinerary are normal times. In case of accidents such as road repairs, traffic jams or peak tourist seasons, the above time does not prevail.
● Adult: 549 yuan / person (Dream Valley + Qin Palace = 290 yuan) ● Child: 398 yuan / person ● Elderly: 499 yuan / person (Dream Valley + Qin Palace = 230 yuan) Voucher, male 55 years old, female Be at least 50 years old.
Supplementary travel agreement (please print along with the itinerary)
Team Name: Hengdian Film and Television City Yiwu Automobile Three-day Tour Itinerary Date:
In order to enrich tourists' entertainment and entertainment activities, according to the latest provisions of the "Tourism Law", after the requirements of the travellers and the two parties have determined through consultations, guests can uniformly and voluntarily participate in free activities during the itinerary, and can participate in self-funded projects. This travel supplementary agreement:
Self-funded project content introduction Time required Price Night attractions: Hengdian Film and Television City's largest theme park-[Dream Valley]. Enter the dream culture village and enjoy a large-scale playground: the largest ferris wheel, big horns, cheerful frog jumps, earth-shaking, rock formations, pirate waves, auspicious carousels, Yamal express and other amusement items in central Zhejiang. You can freely choose to experience the latest "Little Birds Come" by the fairy tale children's dream factory, or experience the first domestic disaster interpretation of "Storm Rainstorm" to feel the shock, or participate in the large-scale carnival water festival / Dong bonfire carnival. Watch the world's largest live volcano "Fantasy Tai Chi".
Daytime attractions: famous movie "Hero", "Wuji", "Kung Fu King" and other birthplaces [Qin Wanggong] feel the dream experience brought by 4D high-tech "Dragon Emperor". [Dream Valley] about 4 ~ 5 hours [Qin Wang Palace] about 1.5 hours [Dream Valley] listed price of 280 yuan / person [Qin Wang Palace] listed price of 140 yuan / person to buy [Dream Valley] plus 10 yuan to send [Qin Wang Palace] team Uniform preferential price for two attractions: 290 yuan for adults / 230 yuan for seniors
Children over 1.2 meters: 150 yuan / person
Seniors: Seniors' prices are only for seniors who are not on weekends. Tickets must be discounted with valid documents such as identity cards or old cards.
Seniors in ordinary teams on weekends or holidays do not enjoy senior price.
Additional cost description: The prices quoted are based on the starting and ending of Sanming City. In some remote areas, the fare will be charged separately.
(More than 5 people: 50 yuan / person in Youxi area; 100 yuan / person in Mingxi, Qingliu, Ninghua and Datian areas.) Please forgive me!
Because Hengdian Scenic Spot has enjoyed the group ticket discount. Therefore, tourists who hold special documents such as tourist guide cards, old people's cards, teacher's cards, student cards, military officer's cards, and retired tickets will no longer have extra discounts.
The payment method and amount of self-funded items are requested to communicate and coordinate directly with the tour guide during the itinerary. The above contents are based on the relevant provisions of the "Tourism Law of the People's Republic of China", and please read them carefully. If there is a breach of contract between the two parties, tourists can consult, mediate or sue to the relevant departments (consumer association, local tourism bureau complaint acceptance agency, people's court, etc.).
Reminder: Travel agencies provide the above items for tourists to participate. Tourists who do not participate in the self-funded project (Qin Wang Palace) should properly arrange free activities at the entrance of the scenic area or rest at the tourist service center. Please follow the team spirit of the minority and obey the majority, and cooperate with the tour guide.
The tourists and travel agencies holding this itinerary are deemed to have read and approved the above itinerary agreement!

Release agency Sunset Red International Travel Agency Wuhan Co., Ltd. Yongan Branch
Business Contacts Manager Zhuang
contact number 0598-3665557
E-mail 2465029477@qq.com

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