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Korean Red Skin Air Conditioner Train 13 Day Tour

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Newly upgraded red-skinned air-conditioning train in 2015 ---- Deep tour of North Korea visited Qinhuangdao, the hometown of Manchu, Beidaihe (Dove's Nest Scenic Area), Shanhaiguan (Meng Jiangnv Scenic Area), Dandong, North Korea, Sinuiju, Pyongyang, Kaicheng (Panmendian), Qing Zhaoling, Mantu 爱投彩票是真的吗town (Fushun) Hetuala City -------- Red Skin Air-Conditioning Travel Special 13 Day Tour Date Specific Itinerary Accommodation
Day 1 Take an air-conditioned tourist train to Nanhaiguan Station at Nanping Station and start a pleasant trip to the North Country ........ Day 2 on the train Enjoy the scenery of the North China Plain along the way, play cards and chess with new and old friends, and organize colorful activities. Give:
Dinner box lunch Day 3 on the train Arrive at Shanhaiguan in the evening, drive to Beidaihe, and check into the hotel. Give:
Dinner Box Lunch Beidaihe

After breakfast on the 4th day, drive to visit Olympic Avenue Park, the first Olympic-themed leisure park— [Olympic Avenue Park], visit [Dove's Nest Park] "one of the world's four major bird watching sites", and enjoy Chairman Mao's "Wave The majestic courage of "Sand Washing · Beidaihe." Take the "[Great Wall]" luxury cruise ship (65 tickets at your own expense, tour time 40m) to see the sea scenery, after lunch, visit the [Shanhaiguan Great Wall Museum] (policy will be closed on Monday, no replenishment), and visit [Meng Jiangnv Temple] to listen to the beautiful love legend of Meng Jiangnv . After dinner, organize to watch old movies, reflect on the past or watch the wonderful performances of northern senior art teams, experience the entertainment life of northern seniors, and actively perform shows or participate in activities to stretch the muscles! Take a special train to Shenyang at night
breakfast lunch dinner

On the train

Day 5 Pick up in Shenyang, and then take a tourist bus to Dandong. After arriving, use Chinese food and freely move by the river. After that, visit Dandong's only century-old park— [Jinjiangshan Park] and board the Shuguang Pavilion. You can see the whole picture of Dandong! After dinner, check into the hotel and rest. Chinese dinner

At 6:30 am on the 6th day, we will meet in the Dandong Port and go through the exit formalities. We will take the bus for about 15 minutes to live in the capital of North Pyeonggan Province [Sinuiju] before passing the famous [Yalu River Bridge]. Take a special train from the railway station to the North Korean capital [Pyongyang], according to the schedule, visit [Wanshoutai Grand Monument], and visit the world's highest 8
0 meters [Arc de Triomphe], where Marshal Kim Il Sung declared North Korea ’s liberation when he recovered North Korea, visit the [China-North Korea Friendship Tower] built to commemorate the volunteer martyrs sacrificed during the Korean War, and present flowers to the martyrs; visit Bronze statue of Maxima, a symbol of North Korea. After dinner, check into the hotel to rest.
breakfast lunch dinner


After breakfast on the 7th day, take a two-hour drive to the ancient capital of Korea [Kaesong]. After passing defensive facilities such as anti-tank barriers and barbed wire, visit Panmunjom. [Korean War Armistice Negotiation Venue] and [Korean War Armistice Agreement Venue] [Military demarcation line between North and South] In the building under the jurisdiction of the Korean side, experience the shocking moment of actually entering the Korean territory. Enter the Korean Museum and explore the history of the Korean dynasty; visit the Korean ginseng specialty store in Kaesong, and taste twelve dishes of copper for lunch. Bowl package, return to Pyongyang in the afternoon, visit the [Pyongyang National Children's Palace] and watch wonderful student performances; then, there will be fitness and cultural exchange activities for the elderly between China and North Korea:
Song and dance performances, calligraphy or painting, etc. Afterwards, China and North Korea gave a gift to the North Korean party. The final group photo,
Leaving a precious moment, remembering for a long time. After dinner transfer to hotel.

breakfast lunch dinner


Day 8 After breakfast, stroll through [Jinricheng Square], overlook the magnificence of [People's University Study Hall] and [Subject Thought Tower], visit Chairman Jin Richeng's birthplace and his childhood home [Wanjingtai] Former residence], then head to Pyongyang train station, return to Sinuiju train station at about 11:20 Pyongyang time, take a bus to the Sinuiju checkpoint and go through the immigration procedures. Arrive at beautiful Dandong at 15: 30-16: 00 and end Unforgettable trip to North Korea. Later, visit the patriotic education base --- [Yalu River Broken Bridge] to see the beautiful scenery of the border between China and North Korea.
breakfast lunch dinner

Dandong Day 9 After breakfast, take a bus to Fushun Xinbin Manchu Autonomous County to visit the AAAA-level tourist area [Hetuala Old Town], and visit the Khan Palace to see the world ’s unique palace architecture! All the way to visit Khan Wangjing, Zhengbai Banner, Qiyun Lake, Takshi Former Residence, Temple of Literature, Manchu customs, etc. Afterwards, go to Shenyang to rest in the hotel. breakfast lunch dinner

the 10th
After breakfast, set off to visit the first jungle of Northeast Taoism. Shenyang [Taiqing Palace], also known as the Taiqing Jungle, was originally built in 1663 (the second year of the Qing Emperor Kangxi) as the Three Churches. Later, go to Shenyang [September 18th History Museum]. The "September 18th" History Museum, as one of the nation's 100 patriotic education bases, is the only museum at home and abroad that comprehensively reflects the history of the September 18th Incident. After lunch, visit [Qing Zhaoling], also known as Beiling. It is the tomb of Emperor Taiji and Empress Xiao Duanwen of the second generation of the Qing Dynasty. It is a perfect combination of the tombs of Qing Dynasty and modern gardens. It is also a bright pearl on the ground of Shencheng.
Later, I visited [Shenyang Xiaonan Catholic Church], one of the ten most beautiful churches in the country. The church was originally built in 1878 (four years of Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty) and was built by French missionary Fang Wang.
breakfast lunch dinner

Shenyang Day 11 After breakfast, visit Shenyang [Steam Locomotive Museum] The Shenyang Steam Locomotive Museum was jointly constructed by the Shenyang Railway Branch and the Shenyang Botanical Garden. It holds 15 cultural relic locomotives and 3 replica cultural relic locomotives. It is the largest railway steam locomotive museum in China. .
After lunch, visit the [Liaoning Provincial Museum]. Afterwards, the cemetery of the martyrs who resisted the United States and aided the DPRK was founded in 1951. The cemetery covers an area of 240,000 square meters and the terrain is high. Stepping up, there is a quadrangular pyramidal monument made of 23 meters high granite. On the front of the monument is Comrade Dong Biwu's handwritten inscription "Martyrs who resist the United States and aid Korea will never die." Return to hotel after dinner.
breakfast lunch dinner

Day 12 of Shenyang At 5:30 in the morning, the Shenyang Railway Station will meet for a special train to return. Give:
Dinner box lunch Day 13 on the train Enjoy the scenery along the way, and relive this unforgettable journey with old and new friends
Dinner box lunch On the 14th day of the train, we arrived in Fujian to end our pleasant trip to Northeast Korea and return to our warm home.
Price: Upper hard bunk 4780 Middle bunk 5080 Lower bunk 5280
Upper bunk 5880 Lower bunk 6080
(Purchase principles: three people press up, middle, and down; two people press up and down; one person is middle)
Departure date: around June 5, 2015 (the specific departure date is subject to the telegraph order of the railway department)
Service standards:
1. Transportation: Round-trip air-conditioned hard sleeper / soft sleeper trains (travel to and from the train station at each place of residence will be at your own expense), domestic air-conditioned coaches; the overseas section of the Xinyizhou to Pyongyang round-trip train seat (North Korea ’s domestic train seat does not have air-conditioning) Designated coach
2. Tickets: The first big tickets for the attractions listed in the itinerary are included.
3.Accommodation: Double standard rooms in the hotel for domestic use; Double standard rooms for the first-class hotel in North Korea; (Note: Excluding single room difference)
4. Dining: The domestic section has eight dishes and one soup for ten persons and one table; the North Korean section arranges local special diets;
5. Escort: full tour guide escort service, local tour guide explanation service, and medical staff accompanying the group;
7. Visa materials and time to North Korea: two copies of the front and back of my ID card, two 2-inch recent crown-free color photos (with the name on the back), and the original passport (valid for more than half a year); the above materials are required for departure Available the first 10 working days! When leaving
Original ID card.
6, the price does not include: single room difference and personal consumption, does not include passport processing fees to North Korea.
8, 8, Gift: a travel accident insurance (self-care costs due to their own illness), whoever birthday during the train line a gift.
9. Remarks on withdrawal from overseas: According to the regulations of the National Tourism Administration of Korea, 60% of the tour deduction will be deducted from the tour before departure.
40% of the group payment is deducted 1 to 2 days before departure, and 20% of the group payment is deducted 4 to 5 days before departure. Please be aware of the terms when registering.
Force majeure disclaimer: Travel agents will not be held liable for any economic losses caused to tourists due to objective reasons such as force majeure that cannot be attributed to the travel agency or personal reasons of the tourist. For example, bad weather, natural disasters, train delays, traffic jams, and other force majeure reasons such as changes to the team itinerary, delays, stranded or early termination, the travel agency will not be held responsible. Therefore, the expenses incurred will be refunded to the tourists according to the incurred expenses, and the overpayment expenses shall be handled by the tourists. The above itinerary is the content or attachment of the tour contract. The specific departure time, operating route, and arrival and departure time of the special train are subject to the order of the railway department and the dispatching within the station; due to the special train policy or the number of group members, the special train fails to travel, then the regular bus or a full refund will be taken.

Documents required for tourist visa:

Copy of passport (valid for more than 90 days) Copy of Taiwan compatriot card Two recent two-inch color photos (unlimited background color) One copy of ID card Please note:
〉 Fill in the registration form (Chinese and Pinyin in the name column, date of birth must not be wrong, otherwise visa and booking will be affected)
〉 If there is no work unit, just fill in the address on the ID card.
〉 Write the full name of the work unit, the street address or the township address, and the house number need not be written.
〉 Be sure to confirm the validity of your passport and ensure that it is valid for more than 3 months.
〉 Journalists cannot travel with the general team, they must form separate groups.
〉 Never hide your true identity. If a false identity is discovered, it will affect the entire team in addition to the person.
Other notes:
 The tour team can only go to shops designated by the North Korean government for foreigners, and not allowed to visit and shop in general department stores. But there is no compulsive tourism shopping, it is completely voluntary and there is no time to go offline. Generally stay for 30 ~ 60 minutes.
 The special products of North Korea include Kaesong Korean Ginseng, celadon, calligraphy and painting, embroidery and other arts and crafts.
 North Korea implements a two-track price system, which priced foreigners' goods very high, reminding customers to be sure when shopping.
 Group meals are arranged in the form of child meals. That is, a group of 3 to 4 people, each group having the same dishes and staple food. So when you dine, especially at a round table, there will be the same dishes on a table. Arrange 1 or 2 flavor meals, such as duck barbecue, Korean hot pot, etc.
 The conditions of the North Korea Hotel are average, and the room facilities are relatively simple. Generally, a standard room for 2 people is arranged. If you want to use the room for a single person, you must make up the difference in the single room.
 North Korean vehicles are in poor condition, most of them are old-style Nissan vehicles, and some of them are Chinese vehicles. Coupled with poor road conditions, the ride will not be too good.

Release agency Sunset Red International Travel Agency Wuhan Co., Ltd. Yongan Branch
Business Contacts Manager Zhuang
contact number 0598-3665557
E-mail 2465029477@qq.com

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