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Jeju Classic 5-Day Tour from Seoul, South Korea

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Itinerary Features:
★ Free "Disneyland-Lotte World Enjoy One Ticket to the End"
★ Free Korean traditional performance worth 350 yuan Rice, etc.
The first day Yongan-Fuzhou Incheon 7C8382 / 1830/2200 Gyeonggi-do Business Hotel <BR> Meet up at Yongan designated time, and then drive to Fuzhou Airport before flying to Incheon International Airport, the capital of South Korea. Head to the Incheon Bridge (Cheguan). The total length of the Incheon Bridge is 21.38 kilometers, of which 12.3 kilometers are on the sea. There are 6 lanes. The bridge section is 18 kilometers. It is the longest bridge in South Korea and the 6th longest bridge in the world. Check into the hotel to rest.
Day 2 Seoul, Jeju, Jeju Tourist Hotel (Including: breakfast, lunch and dinner)
After breakfast, take an inland flight to Jeju. Proceed to [Dragon Head Rock] (stop for about 30 minutes), which is formed by lava sprayed from the crater of Hanu Mountain, condensing on the sea, and looks like a dragon head. Go to [Chao An Teddy Bear Museum] (stop for about 50 minutes). This is the world's first museum where dolls are made into actual animals, displaying wildlife, underwater world animals, flowers and birds. Go to [Seongsan Sunrise Peak] (distance view, background photo, drive about 40 minutes, stop for about 20 minutes), at your own expense, enjoy the latest aquarium in Asia, [Ocean Planet] (RMB 250 / person for about 120 minutes), Jeju Island The latest attractions, the latest design of the marine aquarium, and the internal exhibition hall are carefully designed to allow tourists to see marine animals more closely, as if diving to the bottom of the sea. Line up to experience the zero-distance penguin hat, head in, and through the transparent window you can see the penguins walking beside you (in order to protect the underwater animal ecology from being disturbed, please do not use the flash). Afterwards, visit Seongeup Folk Village (stop for about 30-40 minutes) to learn about Jeju's ethnic customs, and then go to the Korean drama ALL IN (starring Song Hye Kyo and Lee Byung Hyun) where the filming is located [appropriate for 5 minutes, stop for about 1 hour), admire the beautiful seascape where the sea on the east coast of Jeju and the white lighthouse merge. Dinner can be done at your own expense (350 RMB / person). Jeju Island is surrounded by the sea on all sides, so it is rich in seafood. In particular, Jeju is known as the hometown of sea girls, and you can taste the freshly caught seafood, which is more fresh than you think, and it is truly a seafood paradise. Check in hotel and rest.
Day 3 Jeju Seoul Inland Pending Gyeonggi-do Business Hotel (including breakfast and lunch)
After breakfast, take a domestic flight to Seoul, go to [Hanbok + Kimchi Museum] (stop for about 30 minutes), wear Hanbok to take pictures, and visit the kimchi making process. Then go to buy the first specialty product of Korea [Ginseng Public Sale Bureau] (stay for about 60 minutes). The medical books of ancient times recorded that the best ginseng is produced in Korea, and the ginseng produced in South Korea is famous all over the world and is a national industry. Cosmetics (stay for about 60 minutes), teach you makeup techniques and purchase cosmetics suitable for you; go to Seoul 3D Art Museum (stay for about 60 minutes), and the stereo shooting area will let you return to childlike fun. Go to Lotte Duty Free Shop (stay for about 60 minutes) to buy world-famous brand products, which is 30-50% cheaper than domestic market prices. Afterwards, go to present [Korean traditional show value ¥ 350 / person (Korean show)] After dinner, check in hotel and rest.
Day 4 Seoul Gyeonggi-do Business Hotel (including brunch)
After breakfast, go to [Nanshan Park] (about 30 minutes) and go to [Huganmin Store] (about 60 minutes). Visit [Cheonggyecheon] (stop for about 30 minutes), [Amethyst Processing Plant] (stop for about 60 minutes); visit the Royal Palace of the Joseon Dynasty, which is also the location of Dae Jang Geum — [Gyeongbokgung] (stop for about 60 minutes) For hundreds of years, it has been the main palace of the Joseon Dynasty. It is the most well-maintained building complex in the Forbidden City of North Korea, maintaining the architectural style of the dynasty. Afterwards, visit [President's Residence-Blue House's exterior] (stop for about 20 minutes). Afterwards, go to Asia's largest indoor playground-[Lotte World] (stop for about 90 minutes) (including a pass, dinner at your own expense). Lotte World is an entertainment venue in downtown Seoul that combines entertainment and visits. Check in hotel and rest.
Day 5 Seoul Fuzhou 7C8381 / 1540/1730-Yongan (including brunch)
After breakfast, visit [South-North Korea demarcation line] at your own expense: Route 38 / Third Tunnel / Doro Observatory / Imjingak (120 minutes stay): RMB 350 at your own expense / Renaotou Unified Observatory opened since 1992 Since July 2000, the number of tourists has exceeded 10 million. After lunch, go to the local product shop (stop for about 30 minutes). Go to the airport to go through the exit formalities, then return to Fuzhou Airport with a happy mood and return to Yongan's warm home by car. End a pleasant journey!
[Fee Included]
1. Transportation: Round-trip transportation from Yongan-Fuzhou Airport, economy class air tickets for Fuzhou / Seoul and Seoul / Fuzhou, economy class air tickets for Seoul / Jeju / Seoul inland section, local tourist cars.
2. Accommodation: 4 nights Korea Business Hotel
3. Meals: Includes 4 breakfasts and 6 dinners throughout the journey, according to international conventions, aircraft transfers and airport waiting for meals. Meals will not be refunded if all meals are waived. If you have special requirements for meals, please inform the relevant staff when registering, and our agency will try our best to arrange for you.
4. Tickets: The first tickets for the attractions listed in the itinerary (except for self-funded items). If you do not participate for your own reasons, the fee will not be refunded, please forgive me.
5. Tour guides: Local Chinese tour guides and foreign drivers, accompanied by the domestic tour leader.
6. Children under 12 years old will not be charged 300 yuan per person per bed. Beds under 12 years old will be charged the same price as adults.
[Fee not included]
1. Passport cost: 200 yuan / person / book.
2. Tips for driver guides. In accordance with international practice, guests should pay RMB 250 yuan per person.
3. Shopping and other personal consumption.
4. For domestic traffic, the airport needs to take care of themselves.
5. All costs (including but not limited to natural disasters, flight delays or delays) incurred due to changes in the itinerary due to third party reasons or force majeure
Roads, trains or ships due to traffic accidents, etc.).
6. Baggage items handling fee, storage fee and overweight fee, and all personal consumption during the trip (such as hotel laundry, telephone, TV premium channels, drinks, etc.).
7, single room difference. Due to single men, single women or guests requesting one room per person, the difference in single room needs to be paid: 1500 yuan / whole journey.
[List of self-funded items]
During the journey, in order to enrich your itinerary, the agency prepares and provides the following self-funded items for you. You can choose whether to participate or not:
A, Route 38, Third Tunnel, Douro Observatory, Imjingak: RMB 350 / person
B. Jeju Seafood Dinner: RMB 350 / person
C. Love Museum + Unmanned Cafe on the Romantic Road by the Sea: One drink: RMB 150 per person
4) Asia's newest aquarium-Ocean Planet; RMB 250 per person [Notes]:
1. The hotels arranged during the itinerary are all double standard rooms. In the case of single men or single women in the team, our agency has the right to adjust the accommodation arrangements for couples or travellers. If you do not agree, please pay a separate room fee.
2. All tourists are kindly requested to pay attention to the safety of their personal and property during the tour. In order to make your travel more at ease, it is recommended that you purchase additional travel accident insurance by yourself;
3. Issuing visas and approving entry is a sovereign act of the country. For example, a valid visa or a self-provided visa that is refused entry by the destination country due to personal reasons is a force majeure factor. The travel expenses cannot be refunded. Take care of yourself, our company is not responsible;
4. The passports and air tickets of the participating tourists during the trip abroad must be unconditionally handed over to the team guide (leader) for safekeeping;
5. The tour team's flight is a tourist charter. Once the charter group ticket is issued, the ticket must not be changed, signed, or refunded (including airport construction fees and fuel surcharges). Temporary refunds due to passengers' own reasons will face Losses that cannot be refunded;
6. The travel fee charged by our agency does not include extra costs caused by force majeure factors such as traffic delays, strikes, high winds, heavy fog, flight cancellations or time changes; therefore, the product is a charter flight. In the event of a typhoon at a tourist destination, Tsunami, earthquake, epidemic situation, political turmoil, etc., or when the National Tourism Administration did not explicitly prohibit travel to destinations, tourists proposed refunds due to the above reasons. After deducting RMB 2,000 per person, our agency will refund the remaining costs. tourist;
7. The official star rating standards announced by Korean hotels are represented by "flowers" and there is no star rating system; hotel star ratings published on any unofficial website are the standards that the website evaluates itself and do not represent the real grade or star rating of the hotel level. The hotel standards indicated in the itinerary are reference standards of the local industry sector, and cannot be compared with domestic hotel star standards.
8. Unauthorized departure (except for free activities) is not allowed during group excursions. Departures during the tour are deemed to be a breach of contract by the tourists. If you want to leave the group, you will be charged RMB 800 / day. Fees, fares, and other fees are non-refundable, and travel agencies are not responsible for accidents that occur when tourists leave the group.
9. There are certain dangers in skiing activities. People with heart disease, asthma, hypertension, cardiovascular and other diseases should selectively participate in various snow activities according to their physical conditions to ensure their own safety.
10. China UnionPay currently has related agreements with 117 countries. Holding UnionPay cards can be swiped in the signing country or withdraw local currency at ATMs; overseas purchases with UnionPay cards are exempt from card processing fees and currency conversion fees (1-2%). Range); Some overseas merchants offer discounts on the use of UnionPay cards. For specific promotional activities and merchants and precautions for using UnionPay cards overseas, please log on: UnionPay website: www.chinaunionpay.com for enquiries or call UnionPay customer service hotline: 95516.
11. Special agreement on charter flights:
Cancellation 15 days before departure
Cancellation or rescheduled 3 to 15 days before departure, 90% of the tour fare (including ticket tax) will be charged
Cancellation or reschedule 3 days before departure, 100% of the tour fare (including ticket tax) will be charged
12. The group is jointly organized by Fujian Kanghui, Fujian China Travel Service and Fujian Baozhong Chunqiu Travel Service.
13. Please read the special instructions for the travel itinerary provided by our agency and the instructions for travel abroad registration.

Release agency Yong'an Sunshine Travel Agency Co., Ltd.
Business Contacts Lin Fang
contact number 0598-3658880 3622880 3806880
E-mail qinkunbaby@sina.com

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